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Days of Leon Lojk 2018

In order to facilitate continuous professional development for all those who use Dr. William Glasser’s ideas in their professional practice all over Europe we organize again the conference: “Days of Leon Lojk”. This is also tribute to Leon Lojk – Slovenian psychologist and psychotherapist. He was the man who enabled recognition of Reality Therapy in Europe as a psychotherapeutic modality. He was also the first President of European Association for Reality Therapy, founder of European Institute for Reality Therapy, cofounder of Slovenian Association for Psychotherapy – our teacher and friend.

This year “Days of Leon Lojk” will be held on October 26th – 28th, 2018 at Golf and Kompas hotel in Bled, Slovenia.

The conference program is published on the EIRT web site

This year we invited Bob Hugland, Enver Czesko and Aleksander Zadel to be our guests. Bob Hugland belongs to a growing community of experts on the Glasser Quality School field, Enver Czesko is psychotherapist from other psychotherapy modality - Positive psychotherapy and Aleksander Zadel is pretty known Slovenian psychologist and therapist who will present us a positive psychology.

Bob Hoglund, M.A., WGI Senior Instructor, former President of the William Glasser Institute - USA and current Chairman of the GQS Board US. Bob is the founder and president of a private counseling and training company that helps schools build better relationships and achieve better results. He was the first WGI faculty invited by dr. Glasser to provide the GQS training . He is an author of two books and numerous articles promoting the use of quality educational practices.

Enver Cesko, Mr. Sci., Psychologist and psychotherapist of positive psychotherapy and body psychotherapy, international teacher, trainer and supervisor. Enver is the president of the Kosovo Umbrella Association for Psychotherapy, a member of the EAP Board and the World Association for Positive Psychotherapy and many international associations. He used to work as a university teacher and now he has a private psychotherapeutic practice in Prishtina and Prizren and teaches

positive psychotherapy in several countries. He is the author of a number of articles and the book "How to Become Certified Psychotherapist of Positive Psychotherapy".

Aleksander Zadel, PhD, psychologist and therapist, Director of Institute for Personal Development Corpus, Anima, Ratio and a partner in Competo. He is the author of books “The Two Faces of the World” and “Third face”. Domestic and foreign companies hire him as a consultant to help them with projects developing of management techniques, motivation, personnel policy and development of personal and managerial potentials of employees.

Program also provide quite rich selection of different workshops held by numerous practitioners.

Registration Fee including VAT is 192, 00 EUR.



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Looking forward to see you in Bled.

Mirjana Palčič Bubnič, director EIRT


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