The EART's aims and objectives are the following:

-  Associateship and co-operation of the European associations, institutes and centres performing training for practical activities of this modality.  
-  Exchange of ideas and professionals of RT in Europe promotion of scientific research studies of RT and Choice Theory
-  Contribution to the psychotherapeutic practice and training in RT in Europe and worldwide  
-  Joint incorporation and multicultural representation of RT in Europe and worldwide organization and development of integral studies of RT in the European countries fulfilling, besides the requirements of the William Glasser Institute, also the EAP education standards

These aims & objectives are realised through:

-  contribution to spreading CT ideas and it’s application
-  in counselling, psychotherapy, mental health, education and lead management  in Europe and worldwide
-  contribution to WGI Reality Therapy Certification (RTC) training program and WGI and EART Faculty programs   
-  developing and performing an Integral Specialized Training of RT preparing candidates to obtain the title of RT Psychotherapist  
-  awarding RT Psychotherapists   
-  recommending candidates for ECP (European Certificate of Psychotherapy)
-  organizing congresses, symposia, lectures on an international level  
-  organizing work-shops, round table discussions and conferences  
-  issuing the EART’s website
-  issuing the EART's bulletin  
-  issuing professional publications  
-  participating in expert meetings  
-  organizing research groups  
-  co-operation with the William Glasser Institute  
-  co-operation with the EAP and National umbrella organizations for psychotherapy (NUO)  
-  co-operation with other psychotherapeutic modalities in Europe and worldwide  
-  other activities


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