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The full programme of training in the psychotherapeutic school of Reality Therapy lasts a minimum of 5 years (part time). It is divided into two phases. Phase One is developed and set out by WGI. Phase Two is developed and set out by EART. The contents are divided into 16 modules, which require a minimum of 1489 hours of training. The training programme in each country is in accord with the requirements that may be set by  individual countries in accordance with European Association for Psychotherapy (EAP) requirements.



To train for RTP an aspiring candidate needs the following:

1. Completion of Phase One training in Reality Therapy (CTRTC)
2. A minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in human sciences (medical, psychological, social, educational, etc) or equivalant.

If the aspirant for RTP has a degree in a non-humanistic discipline, then s/he is obliged to compensate for the gaps that are identified in his/her required knowledge. The missing areas of knowledge will be defined in an individual program arranged by the RT training institute and the aspirant. This individual programme should be completed during the Phase Two.

For a full explination of the 5 year programme click here




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