dec012Days of Leon Lojk 2016

The conference: “Days of Leon Lojk” will be organized for the first time this year. We hope that it will be held in October each year in order to facilitate continuous professional development for all those who use Dr. William Glasser’s ideas in their professional practice all over Europe. This meeting is also a tribute to Leon Lojk – Slovenian psychologist and psychotherapist. He was the man who enabled recognition of Reality Therapy in Europe as a psychotherapeutic modality. He was also the first President of European Association for Reality Therapy, founder of European Institute for Reality Therapy, cofounder of Slovenian Association for Psychotherapy – our teacher and friend.

The first “Days of Leon Lojk” will be held on October 21st – 23rd, 2016 at Kompas hotel in Bled, Slovenia.

This time our guest will be Richard S. Marken, American psychologist, scientist, researcher, university professor, author of several books that explain human behavior and human organism as a control system. We know him as the one of the closest associates of William T. Powers author of Perceptual Control Theory which is besides Choice Theory consider as the scientific basis for Reality Therapy.

Program also provide quite big selection of different workshops held by members of European Institute for Reality Therapy Faculty Board. We will have the opportunity to be present at the promotion of Slovenian and Croatian edition of the Richard Marken's book "Controlling people" and William Power's book "Making sense of behaviour".

Registration Fee including VAT is €50 EUR.